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Who:   Youth currently attending middle school
What:   Financial Youth Camp: Middle School
When:   September 11, 2010 – October 2, 2010
Saturdays Only, 10 A.M. - 3 P.M.
Where:   Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, GA
Harrington Center, Room 129
Why:   To prepare our youth for their future!

Financial Youth Camp: Middle School, is a fun and interactive program designed to inform and assist middle school aged individuals in understanding and developing sound principles and practices for financial stewardship, accountability and responsibility.

The program is structured to provide the participants with practical application of what they learn by each of them committing to, working towards, and participating in ongoing evaluation of their progress in achieving the financial goal(s) they set for themselves. The cost of $25.00 per participant will cover program costs, lunch, snacks, and initial savings account deposit. Parents/guardians are required to be present on September 18 at 1pm to authorize set up of savings account.

$  Setting Financial Goals
$  Establishing a Budget
$  Identifying Financial Institutions
$  Planning and Entrepreneurship
$  Paying for College, Cars, etc.